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Information about surfing conditions in Indonesia

Wave quality

Indonesia offers a variety of wave qualities for surfers of all levels. From gentle beach breaks to challenging reef breaks, there is a wave to suit every surfer.

Consistency of waves

The waves in Indonesia are known for their consistency. The country offers a consistent swell period all year round, meaning surfers can expect waves almost every day, regardless of the season.

Variety of surf spots

With more than 17,000 islands, Indonesia offers an enormous variety of surfing spots. From the world-famous breaks in Bali to remote islands with pristine waves, there are endless opportunities for surfers to explore new spots.

Water temperature and climate

Indonesia's tropical climate ensures warm temperatures all year round. The water temperatures are constantly at a pleasant 28°C, which makes surfing particularly comfortable.

Landscape and culture

In addition to surfing, Indonesia offers impressive scenery and rich culture. From volcanoes to rainforests to temples, there is plenty to discover and experience away from the water, making any surfing holiday in Indonesia an unforgettable experience.

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